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Male in Rio Claro

Xiphophorus malinche

© photo by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas


A new species of <i>Profundulus</i> is described from Oaxaca

A new species of Profundulus is described from Oaxaca — A new species of killifish in the genus Profundulus has been described in the journal Ichthyology & Herpetology 109(4):949–957 2021 by Sara E Dominguez-Cisneros, Ernesto... more

Species profile

Xiphophorus alvarezi

Xiphophorus alvarezi (Rosen, 1960) — by


Thorichthys pasionis

Thorichthys pasionis (Rivas, 1962) — by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas

Ecological complement of the firemouth Thorichthys meeki.

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06-Dec-2021, Species profile: Xiphophorus alvarezi (Rosen, 1960) ()
06-Dec-2021, Species profile: Thorichthys pasionis (Rivas, 1962) (Juan Miguel Artigas Azas)
04-Dec-2021, Species profile: Skiffia lermae Meek, 1902 ()
03-Dec-2021, Species profile: Anableps dowei Gill, 1861 ()
03-Dec-2021, Species profile: Brachyrhaphis hartwegi Rosen & Bailey, 1963 ()
02-Dec-2021, Species profile: Xiphophorus montezumae Jordan & Snyder, 1899 ()
02-Dec-2021, Species profile: Herichthys pantostictus (Taylor & Miller, 1983) (Juan Miguel Artigas Azas)
01-Dec-2021, Species profile: Eleotris picta Kner, 1863 ()
01-Dec-2021, Picture: Priapella chamulae, Freshly collected male, (Michi Tobler)