Freshwater Fishes of Mexico

NOTIFICACIONES: Notificaciones editoriales y del sistema del Freshwater Fishes of Mexico.


image 02-oct.-2020
Kinichthys junior synonym of Cincelichthys

Following Artigas Azas (2020:10) we now list Kinichthys as a junior synonym of Cincelichthys.

image 03-ago.-2017
Get your public profile!

You can now activate your public profile page with your favorite species and social media information by checking 'Activate public profile' in your user editing form. The URL for your public profile will be then given in your user information for you to share.

image 23-jul.-2017
Catalog counts now available

A table with the number of species in the cichlids catalog, tabulated by family, geographic area and taxonomic status is now available.

image 30-mar.-2016
Quick Response Code images with URL information

For our mobile users now we have Quick Response Code images at the bottom of each site document, this way you can easily scan it from a screen and open the document in your mobile devices.

image 09-mar.-2016
Site 100% mobile friendly

Given the increasing number of people accessing the site from mobile devices, we have worked during the past couple of weeks to make it 100% mobile friendly, something we have achieved today. Enjoy!.

image 13-feb.-2016
New Central American genera classification adopted

We adopt in the cichlid catalog most of the general proposed by McMahan et all in 2015: Chiapaheros, Cincelichthys, Kihnichthys, Maskaheros, Mesoheros, Rheoheros and Trichromis for Central American cichlids (or from Central American origin in the case of Mesoheros). For the time being we reserve the use of Oscura until more support for it is available. We also synonymize Nosferatu with Herichthys following Mejia (2015). At this point with the available support (e.g. McMahan et all, 2005) we adopt the synonymy of Paratheraps with Vieja proposed by Allgayer (1991) because we believe a good degree of support and nomenclature stability has been achieved.

image 17-nov.-2015
Alternative distribution maps

We now offer alternative distribution maps for species. When we have more than one map that covers part or the whole of the distribution for one species, that map will be listed as an alternative map as a link under the active distribution map for the species, by clicking on it the alternative map can be obtained.

image 17-sept.-2015
Genera distribution maps improved

In the genera distribution maps, you can now select the species for which you want to plot their distributions on the map.

image 11-sept.-2015
Species bibliography now inherits references from synonyms

The bibliography for a species now inherits those references that deal with its junior synonyms. To flag inherited references a trailing text has been added to each of them: The text “Referring to …” gives the indication that the paper refers to the species as its junior synonym (or any of its historic name combinations). The text “Referring also …” gives the indication that the junior synonym (or any of its historic name combinations) is treated in the paper in addition to the currently accepted name. An example of the latter is a paper proposing the synonymy of one species to another, in this case both proposed synonyms (junior and senior) are treated in the same paper.

image 01-jun.-2015
Compare fish pictures!

A new utility is available starting today that allows you to compare two fish pictures side-by-side. All you have to do is click on the pin icon in the caption of any fish picture, navigate the site and click on the now balance icon in the caption of a second picture, this last action will take you to the comparison page.

image 08-oct.-2014
Syntopic species

A new report is offered in each species profile to show a list of species that inhabit syntopically (at the same place). The list of syntopic species is based on the locality assignment for each one of them, and hence will be in many cases incomplete, but we will improve it every day. The report is available by clicking on a new tab 'syntopic' in each species profile (present when syntopic species are available).

image 05-oct.-2014
Characodon audax made synonym of C. lateralis

Based on Howell D.C & M. Martin, S.A. Webb. (2008) and other subsequent studies, we have decided to move Characodon audax to the synonymy of C. lateralis.

image 30-sept.-2014
New localities report for species

In order to provide a better overview of the localities where a given species inhabits, we have provided a new report with the illustrated localities we have for a certain species. It is found as a new tab ‘localities’ in each species profile, separated from the ‘map’ tab, that shows the distribution on a map and the supporting authoritative references. When you click on a thumb of a locality picture in the new report, you get redirected to the locality page, where you find (if available) more pictures, information and species that inhabit the selected locality.

image 25-feb.-2014
Distribution maps

Species distribution maps now classify localities according to the status of the species, green for native, red for exotic, black for extinct, yellow for type locality.

image 10-ene.-2014
Conexiones seguras

Comenzando hoy, hemos establecido un certificado auto-firmado para opcionalmente establecer comunicaciones seguras entre su computadora y el Freshwater Fishes of Mexico. El propósito de este certificado no es tener una autoridad que le indique que se ha conectado al sitio correcto (sin cambio como es ahora), sino encriptar de forma segura las comunicaciones entre usted y nuestros servidores. Para poder aprovechar este certificado todo lo que usted tienen que hacer es utilizar el prefijo https:// en lugar del común http:// cuando se conecte al Freshwater Fishes of Mexico. Puesto que es certificado es auto-generado, su explorador de Internet no nos reconocerá como autoridad y le prevendrá al respecto, todo lo que entonces usted tiene que hacer es aceptar el certificado y solicitar al explorador que recuerde la acción. Una vez que se ha conectado, toda su exploración del sito será encriptada. Espero que esta funcionalidad sea de utilidad para usted.