Don Danko,
Freshwater Fishes of Mexico

Don Danko

last updated on 15-Apr-2015

Don Danko, from Breckville, Ohio, has kept cichlids for over 30 years, breeding many rare species in the way, including several first U.S. spawnings on several of them. He currently keeps rare new world cichlids and several varieties of Tropheus. He has managed to transmit the love for fish and animals to his family. His wife Marylin and his two sons Dave and Michael are achieved fish breeders as well, and they work very closely together in their impressive and pristine clean family fish room. Don has collected extensively throughout Mexico since 1987, from Linares and Cuatro Cienegas to Bonampak, with over a dozen visits so far.

On the organized hobby Don has held leadership positions in the Ohio Cichlid Association and the Cichlasoma Study Group for well over 10 years. Currently he is the Program Chairman and Vice-president respectively. Don also served one term on the BOT (Board of Trustees) of the American Cichlid Association. He Has written several articles for many club publications, like Buntbarshe Bulletin and the Cichlid News.

Don is as well an achived photographer and has managed to gather an extensive collection of pictures of cichlids, several of them award wining in several contests.

Work on mexican fish and contributions: