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Thomas Andersen is 31 years of age and lives in Aarhus, Denmark. He has been keeping aquarium fishes as long as he remembers - it all began when his Granddad came by with an aquarium and a bag of fish and in that way started a hobby that has lasted ever since. He got his first cichlids at the age of ten and quickly got an interest in the cichlids of Lake Tanganyika and he has kept various species of shell- and cave dwellers, Tropheus etc. About 10 years ago he got his first sand dwellers and have been keeping and breeding them ever since. Especially the biparental Xenotilapia species has a special place in his heart. Besides the main interest in sand-dwellers from Lake Tanganyika, Thomas also has a great interest in the cichlids of Central America and has finally found room for setting up a couple of Central American cichlid aquariums.

When not doing anything related to cichlids, Thomas is also an eagerly fly fisher that roams the local streams and rivers for trout and grayling.

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