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Freshwater Fishes of Mexico

Spencer Jack

last updated on 04-Apr-2012

Spencer Jack has been active within the aquaria hobby since the age of five. A true "cichlidiot", he has been working exclusively with cichlids over the last twenty years. Spencer has been an active hobbyist within Winnipeg for a number of years. Some of his roles within the fish hobbyist community include; Co-founder of the Aquarium Society of Winnipeg (1989), Founder and President of the Canadian Cichlid Association (2000).

Spencer's ever-expanding fishroom is currently home to Rift Lake and Central American cichlids.

Spencer is currently a student at the University of Manitoba.

All of Spencer's lectures are full multimedia presentations through use of PowerPoint featuring almost entirely original pictures taken by Spencer through his years in the hobby and travels across North America. Spencer is a part of the American Cichlid Association - Marineland speakers program.

Lake Malawi Speciation

A closer look at Lake Malawi itself and its endemic species flock. The history and factors of the lake are explored to help explain why cichlids became the dominant local fauna. Special emphasis on the morphometry of Lake Malawi and its effects on speciation. A run through of the vast array of feeding strategies located here with a look at a number of geographical variants and mate selection in some of the major rock fish.

The Amazing Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika

Enter the holy grail of all cichlid faunas. An introduction to the lake and its conditions with an emphasis on the major groups of cichlids within Lake Tanganyika. Explore some of the most striking and unique cichlids to be found on this planet.

Frontosa Fanatics

A detailed look at one of the most recognizable African cichlids, Cyphotilapia frontosa. The program will include looking into geographical variation of Cyphotilapia frontosa, the husbandry, life cycle and tips towards breeding this great Tanganyikan cichlid within your home aquarium.

Confessions of a Cichlaholic

A lighthearted look into the realm of cichlid hobbyists and what makes them so fanatical of aquarium hobbyists. The presenter will not only attempt to confess his terrible addiction towards these fish, but also try to show many of the symptoms of the addiction. Topics such as adaptation, speciation, breeding strategies, behaviour of cichlids and cichlid keeper alike will be touched upon among many others.

The Cichlids of Lake Malawi

An introduction to the world's most bio-diverse lake and the cichlids found within. This program features a quick run through of the major genuses within the cichlids of Malawi. Focus is on the characteristics of each genus and what to think about when you set up your next Malawi cichlid aquaria.

Fishin' for the Answers

An interactive trivia show designed for your whole organization to participate in. Multiple-choice questions fully illustrated on all facets of the aquarium hobby. This informative talk can be tailor made to suit the host organization's interests. A great way to wind up a year or hand out donations to members!

Cichlid Trivia Challenge

Interactive multiple-choice trivia challenge for your cichlid specialty group. This presentation features questions about cichlids from around the world. Guaranteed to have questions that will leave even the most seasoned cichlid expert scratching their head. Great way to learn about the diversity and power of cichlids!

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