Per Øivind Pettersen,
Freshwater Fishes of Mexico

Per Øivind Pettersen

zuletzt aktualisiert am 30-Okt.-1997

Per Oivind Pettersen, from Oslo, Norway, has kept cichlids for 15 years, starting with Apistogramma, Geophagus and similar species. Nowadays his main interest is in Central American species and Crenicichla. His interest for cichlids has taken him on two collection trips, the heights of his experiences as a fish keeper so far. The first trip was to Mexico in 1994 and the last (so far) to Rio Xingu and Tapajos in Brasil in 1995. Per Oivind has been a member of Oslo Aquarium Club (OAK) of Norway for 12 years and the Nordic Cichlid Society (NCS) for 4 years.

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