Lake Chapala in the 1970s
A postcard of Lake Chapala at Chapala [Jalisco]. The GPS position given in approximate to the location. (20°17'20"N, 103°11'38"W). Photo by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas.

Lerma - Chapala




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Lerma-Chapala: Lake Chapala (20°17'20"N, 103°11'38"W).

Conservation: The diversion of water from its main course and effluents, mainly to agricultural use reached a point in 2001 when Lake Chapala had reduced its volume to an estimated of just 16 percent, leaving the shores kilometers away from their historical location. This situation, added to the fact that México second most populated city, Guadalajara, mainly depends on Chapala for their water consumption, created a critical situation. Nowadays thankfully the level of Lake Chapala has almost returned to normal.

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