Laguna Seca Spring
The outflow creek out of Laguna Seca spring, Mezquital [Durango]. (24.435255°N, 104.646115°W). 攝影者 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. (10-7月-2011).




Mezquital: Laguna Seca

保育: The population of Characodon lateralis in the spring is healthy, with few exotic Oreochromis aureus. I was not able to see Gila conspersa, a native Cyprinidae that over the years I would always see in the spring, but luckily this is a common species found in many localities.

It is only that nowadays, with the construction of the dam, the water level has risen and the shore of the dam gets to the edge of this particular spring, with the entire outflow creek deriving from it now underwater. This channel had a healthy population of Characodon in the past. Characodon does not appear to live in large numbers (if at all) in the lake. Characodon habitat is very particular, shallow flowing creeks with dense bog vegetation and insect life. It is my recommendation that this place is constantly monitored for changes since nowadays holds one of the few remaining populations of Characodon lateralis.


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