Ojo de Agua de Los Berros
Ojo de Agua de Los Berros, Mezquital drainage [Durango]. (23.938964°N, 104.274125°W). 攝影者 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. (15-6月-2013).




Mezquital: Ojo de Agua los Berros

保育: Over the years, I have seen this population reduce in numbers and this year was no exception, I noticed the sharpest decrease in the last ten years, and this has been happening while the amount of exotics increased. This year I noticed a bloom of Procambarus clarkii, introduced in recent years, as well as a large number of Koi carps. This is one of the few remaining populations below the waterfalls, and the larger in number, having Amado Nervo and Ojo de Agua de San Juan disappeared in recent years. Some very small populations of C. lateralis remain in connected nearby springs and in a now isolated (by a man-made waterfall) spring near La Constancia. The exotics are however seen in all the populations and all have been decreasing in C. lateralis numbers.


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