Ichthyological Collection of the University of Antioquia

By Jiménez Segura, Luz Fernanda, Juan Guillermo Ospina Pabón, María Camila Castellanos Mejía, Juliana Herrera Pérez, Carlos DoNascimiento

Universidad de Antioquia, 2022. DOI: 10.15472/lkcff8

" Around the world, there are 36.179 fish species (Fricke, Eschmeyer and Fong, 2022). Colombian fishes are nearly 4.046 fish species (SiB Colombia, 2020); representing by 1.215 in the caribean ocean (Polanco and Acero, 2019), 881 in the pacific ocean (Beltran and Tavera, 2019) and 1.616 freshwather mainly in the basins of Amazonas and Orinoco rivers (DoNascimiento et al, 2021).

The Knowledge about the richness of fishes spieces comes mainly from regional research, monitoring associated with environmental permissions for infrastructure construction of energy projects, field courses and curriculum reports to the community. Witnesses of this diversity are deposited in Biological Collections, usually administered by institutions of higher education or research institutes. In Colombia, <> (2022) reports 214 biological collections, the most important not only for its geographical representation but also by their size are the National Institute of Natural Sciences at the National University of Colombia and the Museum of Alexander von Humboldt Institute.

Ichthyology collection of the University of Antioquia (CIUA) emerged as a repository of specimens collected in several research projects done by the group of Ichthyology (GIUA) since 2002. Initially, became part of the collection of Limnology (CLUA) but in 2008 it was registered in the Alexander von Humboldt Institute Museums database. Since then, (CIUA) is in charge of the curatorship of fish specimens not only from the ichthyologic research at the University of Antioquia but also from other researches, monitoring of consulting firms that deliver the material collected in their work also community donations. Here, we made a report about information contained in CIUA Fish Museum.

At the moment, this resource have 7.702 records that have been collected in colombian territory from 1972 to 2022. With a taxonomic coverage of 2 class, 21 orders, 83 families, 190 genus and 320 species "

Classification: Taxonomy and phylogeny.

Language: English

Jiménez Segura, Luz Fernanda & Juan Guillermo Ospina Pabón, María Camila Castellanos Mejía, Juliana Herrera Pérez, Carlos DoNascimiento. 2022. "Ichthyological Collection of the University of Antioquia". Universidad de Antioquia. DOI: 10.15472/lkcff8 (ffm12075) (abstract)