Beschreibung von Goodeidenlebensräumen

创建者 Kabbes, Brian, S. Kabbes, M. Köck

Beiträge zur Biologie und zum Artenschutz der Hoch land kärpflinge, 37-60 2013

" In the years 1998 and 1999, Brian Kabbes and his wife Simone travelled through nearly whole Mexico. On their tour they took Pictures of Plants and visited plenty of fish habitats, including many goodeid biotopes. They recorded faithfully many details and noted the water parameters. The result has been a collection of data sheets out of them we present an assortment expressing habitats of all described goodeid genera and plenty of species.

These sheets about 15 years old are snapshots and contemporary documents, showing not only the diversity of goodeid biotopes but also carrying us back into a time, when goodeid species only just started to decline in huge number and habitats began to disappear anywhere "

分类: 生态与保护.

语言: German

Kabbes, Brian & S. Kabbes, M. Köck. 2013. "Beschreibung von Goodeidenlebensräumen". Beiträge zur Biologie und zum Artenschutz der Hoch land kärpflinge. 37-60 (ffm00758) (摘要)