Changes in the Fish Assemblages in the Upper Río Ameca, Mexico

Por López-López, Eugenia, Joel Paulo Maya

Journal of Freshwater Ecology, 16(2):179-187 jul.-2001

" We surveyed the fish fauna of the upper Ameca River basin, a watercourse of the Pacific slope of western Mexico. Many endemic species and the dominance of goodeid species characterize the basin. We sampled 17 sites during the dry and rainy seasons in 1996 and 1997. The basin has a historic record of 20 native and six exotic species, most of which were described or encountered in the last decade. We found a dramatic reduction in fish diversity; currently the upper portion of the basin holds only six native species and four exotics. There has been a reduction of 70% in the native fish fauna diversity in recent years. The Ameca River has biological symptoms of ecosystem stress, including reduced species diversity, increased dominance by exotic species, and reduced population stability. We attribute this stress to reservoir construction, water extraction, and municipal and industrial pollution in the basin "

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López-López, Eugenia & Joel Paulo Maya. 2001. "Changes in the Fish Assemblages in the Upper Río Ameca, Mexico". Journal of Freshwater Ecology. 16(2):179-187 (ffm00975) (resumen)