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" Welcome to the Freshwater Fishes of Mexico editorial section, you are invited to participate in this site and share the enjoyment of the Mexican Fish Fauna "

Juan Miguel Artigas & Robert Rush Miller, 1999 Juan Miguel Artigas & Robert Rush Miller, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1999.

Welcome to the Freshwater Fishes of Mexico editorial section! I am very excited to write the first editorial of this site. I hope I can bring something of interest on a regular basis about the wonderful freshwater fish fauna of Mexico, and that I can you to be a frequent visitor to these pages.

There are many topics I would like to cover in this first editorial, but I will be brief to a couple of them. The first topic I want to cover is the dedication of this site. Freshwater Fishes of Mexico is dedicated to those, who are interested in nature and the wonderful fish fauna of Mexico and its wellbeing. The site aims to offer you quality, first-hand information and to create awareness that may help in the conservation of the aquatic habitats and the species that inhabit them. I have set a very high standard for the site in terms of quality of information; I will do my best to abide to and even raise this standard, so that the site’s value is high and its goals fulfilled.

You are invited to participate in this enterprise, whether you have quality pictures of fish or their habitats, illustrations, articles, references, scanned stamps, news, or are interested in participating as curator, librarian, translator, taxonomic reviewer, or in any of many other positions the site needs to fill. You are most welcome to get in contact with me, and we can arrange the way of how you can enjoy your collaboration the most; your work will be fully recognized and properly credited.

The site is a labor of love, for nature; it is not commercial. Whatever we receive from subscriptions just reflects the care and interest people may have for the Mexican fish fauna, and funds will be divided among authors and curators, and cover part of the expenses that generate in keeping the site running. This site is independent and not supported by any institution.

I thank the following associates who already offered their help and are actively collaborating in the site, including (incomplete and in random order) Florent de Gasperis translating to French, Manuel (Melo) Salazar helping with picture edition and supplying his unique field images—Melo is in my opinion one of the best freshwater underwater photographers of the world and I am very proud that he collaborates with this site. I also thank Bruno Kaubisch and Piotr Koba for the translation of the full structure of the site and its documents to German and Polish respectively. I thank Michael Schneider, a world-renown specialist in Cyprinodon, for offering himself as curator of the profiles of some of these species. To Ad Konings for generating the beautiful ecoregion maps, I also thank the many other authors that have already let me use their material. Have no doubt, this site is going to be the best source of information about Mexican freshwater fishes in the world.

In conclusion I would like to recognize the first fellow of the Freshwater Fishes of Mexico site. A fellowship is a small recognition we will occasionally award a person who has extensively collaborated with the goals of the site. In this case, however, it is a posthumous fellowship awarded to Robert Rush Miller (1916-2003), who was for many years professor emeritus at the University of Michigan and author of the most comprehensive treatment on Mexican fish yet. The book of the Freshwater Fishes of Mexico (2006) is a keystone monumental work that summarizes the extensive knowledge Dr. Miller was able to gather during a lifetime of studying Mexican fishes and organizing 48 expeditions to the country. I was much honored to have been considered a friend, and I received Dr. Miller’s caring attention and counsel in my study of Mexican fish for many years. This site has a shared dedication to Dr. Miller’s memory and legacy, and much of its information is in continuation of his work.

My recognition also goes to the many people who have left a legacy in the study of Mexican fishes, about whom I will be talking in future editorials.

Welcome to the Freshwater Fishes of Mexico site!


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