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Poecilia cuneata Garman, 1895

Considered a synonym of Poecilia mexicana Steindachner, 1863

  • Meyer, Manfred & V. Etzel & D. Bork. 2002. "A new species of Poecilia, subgenus Mollienesia, from Colombia, with comments on Poecilia cuneata Garman, 1895 and other related taxa (Teleostei, Cyprinodontiformes, Poeciliidae)". Zoologische Abhandlungen. v. 52, pp. 49-55 (ffm00009)

Original description as Poecilia cuneata:

  • Garman, Samuel. 1895. "The cyprinodonts". Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology. v. 19, pp. 1-179 (ffm00008)
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