Illustration of Holotype
Holotype of Poecilia limantouri as illustrated in the original description (Jordan & Snyder, 1899) and stored at the California Academy of Sciences [San Francisco] with registration SU 6165 (formerly at Standford University).Photo by anynomous . Sent by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas.


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Poecilia limantouri Jordan & Snyder, 1899

Considered a synonym of Poecilia mexicana Steindachner, 1863

  • Poeser, Fred. 1992. "Re-establishment and redescription of Poecilia vandepolli van Lidth de Jeude, 1887 (Pisces: Poecilinae), with comments on related species". Studies of the Natural History of the Caribbean region. v. 71, pp. 79-98 (ffm00010)

Original description as Poecilia limantouri:

  • Jordan, David Starr & J. O. Snyder. 1899. "Notes on a collection of fishes from the rivers of Mexico, with description of twenty new species". Bulletin of the U.S. Fish Commission. v. 19, pp. 115-147 (ffm00041)
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