Freshly collected adult
Freshly collected adult of Chirostoma jordani at Orandino dam, Lerma drainage at Jacoma [Michoacan]. 摄影者 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. (20-8月-2021). 鉴定者 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas


Chirostoma jordani Woolman, 1894



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最初描述为 Chirostoma jordani:


  • Woolman, Albert J.. 1894. "Report on a collection of fishes from the rivers of central and northern Mexico". Bulletin of the U.S. Fish Commission. 14:55-66 (ffm04517)

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保育: Chirostoma jordani 由国际自然保护联盟(IUCN)在濒危物种红色名录中为自然保育而进行了评估 evaluated (LC) 无危(Least Concern) (2018). The species is widespread and while it is possibly declining in parts of its range, it is not thought that any global population decline is likely. Chirostoma jordani is however threatened by habitat degradation in part of its range. A study of the Rio Lerma drainage concluded that the basin has experienced a staggering amount of degradation during the 20th century (Soto Galera, 2019).