Male at El Quince
Male of Xiphophorus continens at El Quince, Pánuco drainage [San Luis Potosi]. 攝影者 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. (27-11月-2017). 鑑定者 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas




Xiphophorus continens Rauchenberger, Kallman & Morizot, 1990


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最初命名為 Xiphophorus continens:


  • Rauchenberger, Mary & K.D. Kallman, D.C. Morizot. 1990. "Monophyly and geography of the Río Pánuco Basin swordtails (Genus Xiphophorus) with descriptions of four new species". American Museum Novitates. (2975):1-41 (ffm00052) (摘要)

保育: Xiphophorus continens 被評鑑為國際自然保育聯盟瀕危物種紅皮書名單中的 (DD) 資料缺乏 (2019). Although the area of distribution of X. continens is preserved in relatively good condition, mainly by its remoteness, given its small extension it is prone to suffer alterations by further deforestation around the main spring — recently its eastern part has been deforested for agriculture, as well as the introduction of exotic species, common now in other areas of the Pánuco. In recent years, Poeciliopsis gracilis has been introduced to some areas of the Gallinas River, in my estimation causing a decrease in the numbers of Poecilia mexicana.