Male in the aquarium
Male of Xiphophorus meyeri from Muzquiz [Coahuila] in the aquarium of the Museum of Natural History of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon circa 1991. Photo by Andreas Tveteraas. determiner Juan Miguel Artigas Azas




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Xiphophorus meyeri Schartl & Schröder, 1988

Espada de Múzquiz; Marbled swordtail.

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Original description as Xiphophorus meyeri:


  • Schartl, Manfred & J.H. Schröder. 1988. "A new species of the genus Xiphophorus Heckel 1848, endemic to northern Coahuila, Mexico (Pisces: Poeciliidae)". Senckenbergiana biologica. 68(4-6): 311-321 (ffm00062) (abstract)

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Conservation: Xiphophorus meyeri is evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species as (EW) extinct in the wild (2018). Due to complete loss of habitat through water abstraction for mining activities wich let to its comlete dessecation, the species is considered extinct in the wild. The last sighting of this species was in 1997 and it has since been extensively sampled (Almada-Villela et al., 2019). The habitat has now been recovered and a major priority for conservation of this species is reintroduction of ex-situ individuals back into its natural habitat.