Male at Huichihuayán
Male of Xiphophorus pygmaeus at Huichihuayán, Pánuco drainage [San Luis Potosi]. 摄影者 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. (26-11月-2017). 鉴定者 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas




Xiphophorus pygmaeus Hubbs & Gordon, 1943


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最初描述为 Xiphophorus pygmaeus:


  • Hubbs, Carl Leavitt & M. Gordon. 1943. "Studies of cyprinodont fishes. XIX. Xiphophorus pygmaeus, new species from Mexico". Copeia. 1943(1):31-33 (ffm00064)

保育: Xiphophorus pygmaeus 由国际自然保护联盟(IUCN)在濒危物种红色名录中为自然保育而进行了评估 evaluated (DD) 数据缺乏(Data deficient) (2018). Although the Huichihuayan and Axtla rivers carry enough flow and most areas remain in very good shape, with some remaining pristine areas, increasing deforestation, pesticides and fertilizers use, and pollution (particularly around Huichihuayan) are common problems that affect them and have to be resolved, particularly given human population increase in the area. During the past years, I have seen an increase in the amount of green algae in the rivers, which was rare before.