Edward Martin,
Freshwater Fishes of Mexico

Edward Martin

United States
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Eddie Martin has had a fascination with this hobby most of his life starting as a boy on his parents Missouri Farm. From collecting native specimens in Missouri creeks has now grown to organizing collecting trips to Central America.

Eddie started Bluegrass Cichlids in 1998 that now has change its name to Bluegrass Aquatics (Bluegrass Aquatics), which is Eddie's full time occupation. Eddie has challenged the status quote in Internet fish retailing by offering a wide variety of livestock and quality products delivered by many shipping options via proprietary shipping calculator and automating the fulfillment process.

In addition organizing Collecting trips Eddie is active in his local fish club in Louisville Ky and a member of ACA. He is available for speaking engagements and enjoys sharing his experiences with others. As a co owner in a productive fish farm in Riverview Florida he brings a unique perspective of this industry and it's relation with the hobby and conservation. Though hobby is focused on the cichlid family his expertise expands to many freshwater species.

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