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Skiffia francesae from Teuchitlan [Ameca]. Extinct population kept in captivity since 1967. Photographed at the collection held by Omar Domínguez Domínguez at the Aquaculture laboratory (Aqualab) of the University San Nicolas de Hidalgo [Morelia]. Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. ( 8月-2001). 鑑定者 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas






11- 1月-2022

Skiffia francesae Kingston, 1978

Golden skiffia; Tiro dorado.


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最初命名為 Skiffia francesae:


  • Kingston, D.I. 1978. "Skiffia francesae, a new species of goodeid fish from western Mexico". Copeia. 1978(3): 503-508 (ffm04526) (摘要)

保育: Skiffia francesae 被評鑑為國際自然保育聯盟瀕危物種紅皮書名單中的 (EW) 在野外滅絕 (2018). Reported extinct in 1978 by Burkhead (2012). The reasons of the demise of S. francesae are unknown, the last collection, that of the types, dates back to 1970. Kingston (1978:507 citing Michael L. Smith) mention that in May 1977 the numbers of S. francesae were reduced drastically, probably by competition with the introduced Xiphophorus maculatus, which at the time outnumbered S. francesae in 50:1. Rio Teuchitlan has suffered both pollution and introduction of a large number of exotic species, which include Coptodon rendalli, Oreochromis aureus, Poecilia mexicana, Pseudoxiphophorus bimaculatus, Xiphophorus helleri, X. maculatus.

The population from S. francesae at El Molino spring pond near the town of Cuyucapán is now extinct after a drought in 2010 dried up the whole habitat (Lyons et al., 2019:141).