Juan Molina,
Freshwater Fishes of Mexico

Juan Molina

last updated on 17-Jan-2008

Juan Molina from Granada, Spain, among his several hobbies counts aquariums, diving and photography, this is what made him visit Lake Tanganyika in the summer of 2007, joining his friend Angel M. Fitor in the making of his book "Tanganyika Africa's Inland Sea" and obtain a group of photographs that we are proud to publish here.

Juan also enjoys cycling and mountain climbing. One of his biggest challenges was to cross the Tibet in 2005 on his bicycle. Professionally Juan is one of the executive officers of an information technology firm, and of an animation producing company, right now hi is devoted to the production of their first film The Missing Lynx.

His aquaristic challenge right now is the construction of a 30,000 liters Lake Tanganyika tank, which he hopes to complete pretty soon.

Work on mexican fish and contributions:

Juan Molina new Tanganyikan cichlids tank
Juan Molina new Tanganyikan cichlids tank