The Freshwater Fishes of Mexico

AUTHORS: The Freshwater Fishes of Mexico Authors.


Ad Konings, United States
Bruno Kaubisch, Germany
Chris Wood, United States
Christian Hofer, Germany
Daniel Laaz, Ecuador
Dean Hendrickson, United States
Don Danko, Mexico
Eric Moody, United States
George Markadakis, United States
Gilles Bernauer, France
James Langhammer, United States
Jan Fioole, Netherlands
Jean H Huber, France
John Lyons, United States
Joshua Doby, United States
Kees de Jong, Netherlands
Lee Newman, Canada
Marco Arroyo, Mexico
Michael Köck, Austria
Michi Tobler, Switzerland
Morrell Devlin, United States
Oldřich Říčan, Czech Republic
Pablo Gesundheit, México
Patrick Tawil, France
Philippe Burnel, France
Piotr Koba, Poland
Rene Beerlink, Netherlands
Rico Morgenstern, Germany
Ronald Coleman, United States
Rusty Wessel, United States
Thomas Andersen, Denmark
Willem Heijns, Netherlands
Wolfgang Staeck, Canada

editor: Juan Miguel Artigas Azas