Aereal view of the Tamul waterfalls
Aereal view of the Tamul waterfalls, Panuco drainage [Mexico]. (21.80139°N, 99.18083°W). Photo by Juan Miguel Artigas Herrera. (19-Jul-2018).



San Luis Potosí



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Panuco: Tamasopo

Conservation: Three mayor problems affect Gallinas River, that of pollution, caused by the sugar mills in the valley, which have historically poured untreated or poorly treated wastes into the crystalline water of Gallinas River. Second is deforestation of the valley mountains, many times to clear extra areas for sugar cane growing with the consequent runoff mountain soil and weather affectation, and the introduction of exotics, historically an Oreochromis species that has apparently caused little damage but more recently that of Poeciliopsis gracilis, which seems to be effectively displacing the local population of Poecilia mexicana.

Gallinas River has became a very popular touristic place in the last few years and the increasing number of tourists are also affecting the river ecosystem in some areas.

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