Rio Sabinas
The generator found in Rio Sabinas at 700 m down the spring "Ojo de Agua de Sabinas" was built between 1932-1934 and provided then enough electricity to the town of Sabinas de Hidalgo..Photo by Manuel Salazar González. (30-Jan-2005).

Salado River


Nuevo León


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Grande: Sabinas River (26°32'51"N, 100°35'2"W).

Conservation: The exotics introduction is the biggest trouble in the river, but also the over extraction of water for agricultural purposes.

The "cleaning" (cutting the underwater vegetation) of the bottom performed by the City as the routine management of the River, that is used as a recreational area; plus the recent introduction of Koi carp Cyprinus carpio and African Mojarra Oreochromis sp. is also a big concern, the first eutrophication symptoms are visible.

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