Puente Pino Suarez
A view of Puente Pino Suarez, Mezquital drainage [Durango]. (23.881806°N, 104.49678°W). Photo by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. (04-May-2023).



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Mezquital: Puente Pino Suarez

Conservation: During my most recent visit (2023), the habitat looked better than in any other of my previous visits, with clear water, plenty of aquatic plants, unpolluted water, some flow at the end of the dry season, and many aquatic insects. What we didn’t find even after a vigorous collecting effort was a single specimen of Characodon lateralis. It could be that at one year it went so dry that most or all pools disappeared, it could be that the population is now very small. The only fish we collected was a single specimen of Gambusia senilis.

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