Creek west of Tapachula
Small creek crossing federal highway 200 into Río Coatán directly west of Tapachula [Chiapas]. (14.904528°N, 92.297315°W). Photo by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. (21-Feb-2022).



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Coatán: Creek west of Tapachula

Conservation: The creek is at the perimeter of town and there are commercial and industrial installations surrounding it, with the expected trash found at the sides of the creek. although the water is not polluted, it is in risk of being soon with the grown of the city.

During my visit (21-02-2022) I could not collect some of the reported species: Gymnotus maculosus, Rhamdia guatemalensis, R. parryi, Brachyrhaphis hartwegi, and Synbranchus marmoratus.

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