The Freshwater Fishes of Mexico

Juan Miguel Artigas Azas

Juan Miguel Artigas Azas

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I am a self called naturalist living in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. I have been passionate of fish and nature since I can remember. I study Mexican fish and photograph wildlife since I was a teenager. I was trained as a civil engineer and I have self-trained in several disciplines, including biology, computer sciences, physics and math. I am the creator and editor of the Cichlid Room Companion, which has allowed great minds and specialists to share their extense knowledge and work on cichlids.

Juan Miguel is an author in the Cichlid Room Companion.

Juan Miguel has won the Match the ID monthly contest in 72 ocassions: Feb-2013, Mar-2013, Apr-2013, May-2013, Jun-2013, Jul-2013, Aug-2013, Sep-2013, Oct-2013, Nov-2013, Dec-2013, Jan-2014, Mar-2014, Apr-2014, May-2014, Jun-2014, Jul-2014, Nov-2014, Aug-2014, Sep-2014, Oct-2014, Dec-2014, Jan-2015, Mar-2015, Apr-2015, May-2015, Jun-2015, Jul-2015, Aug-2015, Sep-2015, Oct-2015, Nov-2015, Dec-2015, Jan-2016, Mar-2016, May-2016, Jun-2016, Jul-2016, Aug-2016, Sep-2016, Nov-2016, Jan-2017, Feb-2017, May-2017, Sep-2017, Oct-2017, Nov-2017, Dec-2017, Mar-2018, Apr-2018, May-2018, Jun-2018, Jul-2018, Aug-2018, Dec-2018, Jun-2019, Jan-2020, Mar-2020, May-2020, Apr-2021, Jun-2021, Aug-2021, Sep-2021, Oct-2021, Nov-2021, Dec-2021, Jan-2022, Feb-2022, Mar-2022, Apr-2022, May-2022, Jul-2022.