Charco Azul
Remains of Charco Azul just before it dried up completely by the unscrupulous water extraction for inefficient watering of crops in the salty soil, Cyprinodon veronicae had it only habitat there, and became extinct. (24.165089°N, 100.067786°W). Photo by Andreas Tveteraas. (01-Jun-1991).



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Bajio Quelitos: Charco Azul

Conservation: The Charco Azul dried up during the early 1990s (Tveteraas, 1995), with the consequential extinction of Cyprinodon veronicae from its only habitat. The disappearance of the other times large springs and wet areas is a clear example of the unscrupulous and unsustainable exploration of water from the water table for inefficient watering of crops, done in front of the eyes of the uninterested community.

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