Report for Jalisco 2022 fish survey trip

By Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel, José Antonio Granados

Freshwater Fishes of Mexico, 25-May-2022

" This is a referencing fish trip report for the trip we have labelled Jalisco-2022, done mostly to the state of Jalisco, with localities in the adjacent Nayarit and Colima states in Mexico. The trip was carried out by José-Antonio Granados [Spain] and Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, from 11-May-2022 to 21-May-2022. We report here of 19 visited localities "

Classification: Distribution and exploration.

Language: English

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Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel & José Antonio Granados. 2022. "Report for Jalisco 2022 fish survey trip". Freshwater Fishes of Mexico (ffm01154) (abstract)